MVPP123 Case Studies

Partnering successfully for more than 30 years

The Titan Corporation

Middlesex helped The Titan Corporation secure a two-year Workforce Training Fund Grant which was used to train all levels of employees in order to improve their capability to fulfill contracts for the U.S. Department of Defense and other government agencies. The grant helped train more than 200 employees from Titan and four other area companies who often work together to collaborate on projects.

Employees were able to enroll in classes at MCC's Bedford campus during the workday. Classes were offered in software applications, web development, financial analysis, information technology, systems research, advanced project management, and presentation skills. Employee feedback has been very positive.

Founded in 1981, The Titan Corporation is a leading provider of comprehensive information and communications systems solutions and services for national security. Serving the Department of Defense, intelligence agencies and other federal government customers, Titan's business focus is on national security solutions. The company employs approximately 12,000 people and has offices in 13 countries and all 50 states.

"Middlesex has been very helpful to Massachusetts companies – such as Titan and our partner companies – in obtaining and supporting Workforce Training Grants. The college guided us through the complex Commonwealth application process for this grant. The grant has allowed us to provide skills development training courses for employees every Monday. Ninety days after receiving their respective training, we asked our employees for an appraisal of the training and its impact. There is no doubt that many employees felt that their enhanced skills allowed them to keep their jobs, while others credited their promotions to these training opportunities.""

Bill Lewis, Training Manager, Systems Management Services